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7 Reasons Why We Are Better

  1. Law Enforcement Experience: Police Department Networks are very complex. They must be compliant with the Attorney General guidelines. Most IT Support Companies don’t realize these guidelines which leads them to recommending services that are not compliant.

    Police IT Support’s Teams has extensive experience with Police Departments. We understand the complexity of law enforcement networks. We understand how the CJIS Network connects into the police department, how they need to be segregated and separated, and how the municipal network needs to be separated from the PD network.

    Also RMS Access on your MDT’s in your squad cars need to go through your agency’s firewall. Many “Other” It companies don’t understand the security settings and necessary ports to be opened at the Firewall. Our In-house CSSA [Certified SonicWall Security Administrator] expert can ensure that your network security is never compromised.

  2. CAD/RMS Experience: CAD Systems are one of the most important systems that a Police Department have. Most IT Companies do not understand or do not have a solid relationship with any CAD vendors. This is very important to insure that these systems run properly and are fixed quickly and efficiently.

    Police IT support staff has worked with many CAD vendors. Some examples being: Enforsys, Lawsoft, CSI, etc. Over a period of years this has given us a better understanding on how these CAD products work and helps us troubleshoot issues much faster. We have developed good working relationships with the various vendors and when we talk to them Tech-To-Tech they understand that they are dealing with knowledgeable technicians. Our team is dedicated in solving problems by working with vendors instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game

  3. Referrals from other Police Departments: As stated above Police Agency networks are very complex. Most IT companies don’t have the experience working with Agencies. They try to take in an Agency as a Client without having any foundation in this very specific niche.

    Let our work speak for itself, don’t take our word for it. Talk to our current Law Enforcement customers to find out how great a job we are doing for them. Call us at 973-560-9050 and we will be more than glad to give you current references.

  4. State Compliance: Our team regularly reviews the different Directives and Guidelines coming from the office of the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey and our experts convert all of that “tech- speak” to “Business speak”. You now have an expert to rely on in translating the techno Jargon to something that your TAC Officers can understand and work with.

  5. Criminal Background Check: A police Department is a very secure Environment you should never let anyone into your Computer Network without a background Check. Most IT Support Companies do not take these steps.

    Every single one Police IT Support’s technicians and engineers are put through extensive Criminal background checks through the state and everyone is fingerprinted through Sagem Morpho. This gives you the assurance that all of our technicians are able to work at your headquarters.

  6. Certified and Qualified: Most modern Police Departments use Microsoft Windows on their servers, computers laptops, and other Microsoft office technologies. It is best that the technical staff that works on your computers be certified in Microsoft and other software technologies and have at least a few years of experience under their belts.

    Many smaller IT Companies are known to cut corners by hiring fresh-out-of-School inexperienced Tech Staff. These Low experienced technicians spend more time learning on your computer network and on your dime. They might not be able to fix an issue the first time around and may keep coming back over and over again.

    All of Police IT Support technicians are certified Microsoft Professionals with an average of 5 years of IT Experience within the team. These Technicians have worked with Police Departments extensively and understand the various network issues that could possibly happen through normal course of operations. You are assured that issues will be fixed the first time or you will not be charged for additional visits or attempts.

  7. Budget Friendly: Police Departments work very closely with their municipalities and are usually working with very tight budgets. Any unforeseen expense towards IT becomes challenging to get approval for and adds to unnecessary stress that a Police Chief have to face.

    Most IT service providers work reactively and are hoping that your network goes down so they can make money. They depend on the fact that the more computer issues that you have the more money that they will make.

    Police IT Support’s PROMIS plan is a fixed monthly support agreement that covers all technology related services so you won’t have to pay an extra dime. Your agency gets unlimited computer support both onsite and offsite for one fixed low monthly bill. Think of it as an All You Can Eat Buffet. We put systems in place that ensure that your computer network is always up and running. We actually lose money if you, our customer has any downtime.