Attorney General’s Email Compliancy Guidelines

Does your Police Department comply with Attorney General’s Email Compliancy Guidelines?

The memorandum of Oct. 31, 2007, issued by Division of Criminal Justice to Office of the Attorney General, clearly states that all Law Enforcement Agencies need to host their emails server in-house and that Law Enforcement Agencies (like Police Departments, Sherriff’s Office, etc.) cannot use Public domain email accounts, like Hotmail or Yahoo to send or receive emails.

Download the Shared Police and Civilian Computer Systems Guidelines of June 2000.

Download the Shared Police and Civilian Computer Systems Memorandum of October 2007.

View the Approved and Disapproved Email Server Solutions.

Do you know which Email Solution you have today and if its Compliant?

If you have in-house IT people, we will be more than glad to talk to them and assist them in becoming compliant with the afore-mentioned OAG Guidelines.

If you don’t have dedicated IT staff, we can assist you in setting up and maintaining your Email Server for you.

Please call us today at 973.560.9050 so we can arrange a quick call and give you the necessary hardware/software and service requirements for you to host your own email server and become compliant with the Memorandum.