CJIS Audit Review

This month we have the ability to assist the first two Police Departments that contact us that would like our Free CJIS compliancy check. With our quick questionnaire and system check, we will make sure that you are compliant with the Attorney General Guidelines and will recommend changes to stay compliant.

The 7 must-have apps for any Android tablet

The Google Play Store is filled with hundreds of thousands of Android applications, many of which add great functionality and value to your device, but some of which are simply a waste of memory. So how do you sort the good ones from the bad? We’ve highlighted seven must-have apps that you need to try […]

Cortana tips and tricks for an easier life

Over the years, the virtual assistant has evolved. First there was the Microsoft Paperclip (aka Clippy), later we had Siri, and now we have Cortana, the new assistant for Microsoft Windows 10. If you’re a Windows 10 user who loves the operating system just as much as we do, you may be curious as to […]

5 tips for buying a new computer

The holiday season is approaching fast, and many people are currently looking to purchase presents for their loved ones. Tech items like computers are likely to be among the most popular gifts. But there are so many different computers out there, meaning that finding the perfect one can be difficult.

4 Different Types of Malware: Explained

Over the decades of the internet’s existence, cyber threats have evolved at a rapid pace. When once there were only viruses and malware to watch out for, now you have to protect your Department from worms, trojans, ransomware and dozens of other online threats.

Windows Server 2003 Security Warning

An URGENT Security Warning For Police DepartmentsRunning Microsoft Windows Server 2003

If your Department is currently running either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Exchange 2003 on any servers in your office, you need to know about a dangerous security threat to your Agency that must be addressed very soon.

Urgent Message For Anyone Not On Our Disaster Recovery Solution.

September 15th, 2014 BDR

If you are not on our #1 preferred backup solution, please take 2 minutes to read this article as it contains a very important message regarding your department’s backup and your ability to be up and running fast in the event of a data-erasing natural disaster, server failure, virus attack or other “digital crisis.