Free CJIS Audit

Are you facing NJ State’s CJIS IT Security Audit?

NJSP is sending out CJIS IT Security Audit questionnaire to various law enforcement agencies in New Jersey and police departments have reached out to us to help them accurately respond to the questionnaire and successfully pass the audit. Continued non-compliance may result in the limitation or termination of CJIS services. So it is extremely important that if you have received this audit questionnaire OR if you want to proactively prepare your department to pass this audit successfully, you need to consult professional IT security experts who can assist you in becoming compliant.

Need Help Completing The CJIS IT Security Audit At No Cost?

Yes, here’s your opportunity to engage our team to assist you in accurately completing the CJIS IT Security Audit Questionnaire. We typically charge $599.00 for a Half-Day Security Audit but we’re offering this at FREE OF COST to a limited amount of two Departments per month.

Call 973-560-9050 to reserve your Free CJIS Audit!

Why Are We Offering This For Free?

So you are wondering what’s the catch here and why would we be offering this Critical service for Free? Well, we’re aware of the restricted budgets that many municipalities face and how much stress that puts on the law enforcement agencies who want to get work done but are tied by financial limitations put down by the administration. All we ask in return is that we get a Patch of your Police Department so we can proudly display it on our Patch Wall and state that we’ve worked and helped out ‘your Police Department. We are so confident that this good Karma will remind you of us in the future when you need us for something Computer, Network or IT Related. Rest assured that there is no obligation to hire us in future for you to qualify for our free CJIS IT Security Audit service, except for the Patch, of course. So go ahead and schedule your FREE CJIS Audit Review by:
  • Calling 973-560-9050
  • Or Filling out the Form on the Right
Two Things to Remember
  1. Request for your Patch in return as payment of Goodwill.
  2. We only ACCEPT 2 free CJIS Audits a Month. Call now to reserve yours!
  Sincerely, Shawn Butt Chief Security Advisor PoliceITSupport.org
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