Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don't let a server disrupt your agency's operatoins

Server and Computer crashes happen all of the time. It is an unfortunate fact of life but we must all be prepared for that to happen. Even the best Technology Systems will crash every once in a while and your agency will experience downtime.

All police Departments rely on the Cad/RMS to be up and running at all times. But you never know when a system crash may put a stop to all of that. If your RMS goes down your officers revert back to pencil and paper; and only after the system comes back up can they enter the call records into the RMS. This can prove to become very expensive and inefficient when your officers have to stay back and you have to pay them overtime.

Four hours worth of downtime in a year can potentially pay for the cost of putting a backup solution in place.There are many types of backup solutions from various vendors, but not all solutions would fit the needs of your Agency. You could get overwhelmed with the different technologies and what each vendor has to say about their product. There are tape backups, USB backups, NAS backups, SAN Backups, Onsite Backups, Offsite backups, Cloud Backups. Hybrid backups. That’s a lot of Backups! But which one is the right fit for your department?

Police IT Support has a few different data backup solutions that comply with the attorney General Guidelines. There is a lot that can be talked about but the best discussions would be relevant after reviewing your agency’s computer network.

Contact Police IT Support for an in-depth analysis of your Agency’s Network

A single system crash and a loss of a couple weeks’ worth of data can end up costing thousands of dollars for police Departments