IT Consulting

New Jersey state guidelines keep changing constantly, as does the operation needs of Police Agencies and the same with rapid technological changes. Over a period of time it might seem that the whole computer setup has been piecemealed together and things may not be working efficiently. Many times different technology components don’t talk well with each other. Sometimes officers spend more time working with their computers in a less efficient manner and that could become expensive for the department in overtime pay to the officers. It is very hard for Police Agencies to ensure that everything on their computer network is communicating efficiently and securely. This is where you would need the help of an outside IT Consultant

Experienced and qualified IT Consultants that have a good reputation can be very expensive. You need to hire an IT consulting company that has experience in the law Enforcement Vertical. They need to understand your language, they need to understand the complexity of the Law Enforcement Networks and they definitely should be able to provide you with references from other Police Departments.

Hiring a full time IT person on Staff may not be cost effective. You may not have 40 hours worth of IT work for them in a week.

Hiring a very low cost, part-time, one man show would not be in your best interest because he may be spread out and may not be available at all times. He may have too many client making it very hard to cater to your needs.

Hiring IT Companies that don’t have extensive law Enforcement support experience will be less efficient as they will spend more time fixing the problem.

Most of all you have to be careful that whoever you are hiring has passed a Criminal Background check and is well versed in NCIC/CJIS policies and procedures.

At Police IT Support we have been working extensively with Police Departments in New Jersey since 2003. We have a team of 5 experienced and certified Technical Engineers and Technicians so you will always have someone to support you when you call. We call it High Availability. Every Tech support Staff member goes through Sagem Morpho finger Printing and has a Criminal Background Check. The Engineering staff constantly keeps abreast with the changing technology landscape and with the New Jersey State Guidelines and Directives.

Rest assured when we provide IT consulting it will be to the point, efficient, and cost effective for your Agency.

It’s not just something we do it is what we do.